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Art and I

Richard Alan Fox creates paintings and photographs of beauty and serenity.
His paintings are statements of color and form, yielding to the subtleties of tonal harmony.
His photographs of the landscape reveal the abstract beauty of land, water and sky.
Fruits of trees and vegetables blossoming from the soil, printed in color and black and white.
His work can be found in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York
and The Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia as well as private collections.
Richard earned a BA in painting from The City College of New York
and his MA in Photography from San Francisco State University.

I am an artist working with curiosity, intent and awe.

I photograph in the world of light and paint in the realm of the imagination.

My ambition is to create art of heightened awareness through peaceful contemplation.


Self Portrait taken in 1974 at The Darkroom Workshop Gallery Berkeley California.
My show of phoographs titled "Nightside Of The Mind" on view.

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